Broker One

In 2016, Broker Financial Group and its network of affiliated broker firms purchased Real Mortgage Associates Inc. (RMA) and the RMAI broker network of 40+ affiliated broker firms. During 2017 we consolidated the networks under one singular network branded as Broker ONE. Effectively this was the birth of the Broker ONE network. The ownership of BFG, RMA and Broker ONE consists of mostly brokers who are investing in in our joint future.

For an independent, broker firm joining a network shouldn’t mean losing your identity. There are many smaller firms that have strong brand recognition within their local community and with their own agents and brokers. Broker ONE is not a franchising system. We are a network of affiliated broker firms that value their own independent brands. Independents can align themselves with Broker ONE to take advantage of the many services that we deliver so they can focus on securing clients.

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  • Complete Transparency
  • Best Compensation in the Industry
  • The Best Support & Guidance