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Most residential mortgage agents and brokers do not feel comfortable trying to deal with commercial mortgages. Quite often these brokers turn down opportunities to source financing for commercial clients. Our Commercial Mortgage Hub can get those deals funded for you and you get a split of the fees / commissions. Below is the referral process.

  1. A deal gets referred to the commercial hub by a residential agent/broker
  2. We determine IF there is a deal, by asking a set of 5-10 questions for each subsection below:
    • a. Small business loan maximum $350,000 for leaseholds and equipment only
    • b. Commercial mortgage for a purchase
    • c. Commercial refinance
    • d. Operating line of credit or term loan for an existing business minimum 1-2 years financials required
    • e. Inventory financing/cash flow financing
    • f. Land acquisition
    • g. Construction mortgage
    • h. Equipment financing
    • i. Private financing for commercial/Land/Construction properties (purchase or
  3. We obtain a signed NDA and Client Service Agreement
  4. The hub negotiates a fee for our consulting services, usually a % of total loan amount.
  5. On a case by case basis, we may obtain $2500-$5000 deposit that is refundable if we do not produce a favorable term sheet.
  6. We negotiate with 1 or multiple banks for a term sheet on the client’s behalf.
  7. Get the term sheet signed by the client and back to the bank.
  8. We help the Clients’ accountant and lawyer deal with any issues that may arise prior to funding.
  9. We get a letter of direction signed by the client, so that the lawyer can advance our payment from the proceeds or from the client/company on funding.
  10. Referring Agent gets paid on funding to the brokerage as a referral fee. Referral fees range from 10% up to 30% of the total consulting fee charged by the hub.


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Director of Business Development

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Director of Business Development

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